Indian renal Nutrition Courses

Diet and Kidney Academy – a complete online solution to Indian Renal Nutrition!

India needs more experts in Renal Nutrition to effectively tackle efficient management of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) at all its stages.

Introducing – Indian Renal Nutrition. A course specifically designed keeping our Indian patients, Indian diets, and India in mind.

Step into the digital revolution of Indian Renal Nutrition by Diet and Kidney Academy (DKA)!

Highlights of our course –

1. Courses - Video courses with 1000+ minutes of recorded content. Audio lectures and pdf notes in English and Hindi.

2. Coaching - Live Group coaching for brainstorming.

3. Consultation - One one-to-one clarity session post course completion.

4. Community – Kidney Nutrition Masterminds

5. Challenge - Renathon for Patient Education. Concepts, secrets, and strategies of patient education.

Unlimited access for six months - Self paced learning program

Eligibility - Practicing nutritionists/dietitians, Graduate and Post-graduate students of Nutrition and Dietetics, Medical graduates.

Courses Outline –

1. Renal Nutrition Basics (Main) –

a. Renal Nutrition Model (3-day course for quick learners).

b. Guide to blood values in CKD.

c. Medical Renal Nutrition Therapy.

d. Diet Planning Strategies.

e. Organ Donation Awareness.

2. Renal Nutrition Basics (Companion) –

a. Kidney Anatomy.

b. Kidney Physiology.

c. Journey of the food we eat.

d. Pdf guides.

3. Renal Nutrition Advanced (Main) –

a. All about Kidney Transplant.

b. Diet Guidelines.

c. Nutrition Assessment.

d. Patient Counselling Blueprint.

e. Kidney Friendly Indian Recipes


g. Nutrition Care Process

h. Nutrition Consultation Tools.

4. Renal Nutrition Advanced (Companion) –

a. Practice guidelines – reference material.

b. Nutrition Care Process – reference material.

c. Kidney transplant – reference material.

d. Nutrition Care Process – reference material.

e. Journal Club.

5. Live Sessions by eminent faculty.

6. Our e-books -– English, Hindi, Marathi.

a. Indian Diets in Kidney Diseases.

b. Kidney ka Swaasthya, Hindustani swad ke saath (Hindi).

c. Kidney che Aajar ani Bhartiya Aahar (Marathi).

7. Open access lectures.

8. Android app – Diet and Kidney Academy app – for ease of learning, anytime, anywhere.

9. Browser access – Desktop users, iOS users.

10. Course duration – 6 months, can be extended in special cases.

11. Unlimited access for six months.

12. Online self-generated certificate, signed by DKA.

Why Diet and Kidney Academy?

1. Simple format. Easy to understand.

2. Point shooter style.

3. Scientific & Traditional Cooking skills. Indian dietetic point of view.

4. Mindset to modifications in the diets in our own Indian ways.

5. Decreased reliability on western data and western books for Indian patient care.

6. Is built on evidence-based nutrition principles that are adapted to the Indian settings.

7. Comprises case study-based diet planning and Live interactive assignments.

8. Course is designed and delivered by experts in the field of Indian Renal Nutrition.

9. Provides in-depth nutritional information and guidelines on Indian Renal Nutrition.

10. Boosts Confidence. Sharpens Counselling skills.

11. Upskill & leverage in Curriculum vitae.

12. New opportunities & increased chances of employability.

13. Video & audio lectures, pdf files.

14. In two languages – English & Hindi.

15. Life-time access. Unlimited access to published video lectures throughout the course duration.

16. Participants can interact and clarify doubts through private network.

17. Diet and Kidney App for android access and Browser access.

18. Self-generated Certificate of Completion, signed by DKA.

19. Is reasonably priced (kindly refer below for fee structure plus online processing fees).

This course is first Indian Renal Nutrition course, fully online. 

Fee Structure – Avail up to 50% seasons-discount coupons -

1. Renal Nutrition Basics 2.0 –

a. Duration – 13 hours recorded + 2 hours pdf read + 4 hours Live sessions

b. Fees – INR 14999

2. Renal Nutrition Advanced –

a. Duration – 14 hours recorded + 5 hours pdf read + 8 hours live sessions

b. Fees – INR 30000

3. Indian Renal Nutrition Complete Package

a. Renal Nutrition Basics 2.0

b. Renal Nutrition Advanced

c. Fees – INR 40000