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Diet In Kidney Disease

Are you a patient with early stages of Kidney Disease ? Are you on dialysis? Are you a kidney transplant recipient ? 

 Patients with kidney diseases have complex diet requirements. 

Reach out to Dr Suneeti to simplify your diet.

Global Reach

Indian diets are wholesome and well balanced. However, when they need to be altered for kidney diseases, you need an expert with deep understanding of Indian dietary habits and its regional variations.

 You may be staying in India or outside of India, you can reach out to Dr Suneeti for Indian Diets in Kidney Diseases. 

Weekend Access to Expert

Weekends are leisurely. Weekends are strategic. 

Meet Dr Suneeti on Weekends for Online Kidney Diet Consultation for an extended counselling session tailored just for you.

Consultation With Dr Suneeti Khandekar

As a patient, you can benefit from  years of personal and professional expertise of Dr Suneeti, Through her extensive counselling , you'll discover newfound confidence and ease to negotiate through various dietary restrictions and needs of your complex situation.

After the counselling session, receive a detailed tailormade diet plan spanning more than 15 pages ! It will unlock possibilities you never thought before !

About Dr Suneeti Khandekar

Dr. Suneeti Ashwinikumar Khandekar is a distinguished medical professional and nutrition expert. With a robust career spanning various esteemed hospitals and institutes, Dr. Khandekar has become a leading authority in kidney nutrition. 

 After earning her medical degree and gaining invaluable experience in the medical field, she specialized in nutrition at SNDT, Mumbai. Dr. Khandekar honed her expertise at the prestigious Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai, where she served as a dietitian. 

Currently, she offers her expertise as a nutrition consultant in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Dr. Khandekar is also an accomplished author with three highly acclaimed books on kidney nutrition: "Indian Diets in Kidney Diseases," its Hindi counterpart "Kidney ka Swasthya Hindustani Swad ke Saath," and the Marathi version "Kidney che Aajaar ani Bhartiya Aahaar." These books are available on Amazon, Flipkart, and other online platforms, with "Indian Diets in Kidney Diseases" achieving Amazon bestseller status in the diet book category. 

 Her pioneering initiative, the Diet and Kidney Academy, was launched on World Kidney Day 2022. This innovative platform offers specialized courses in kidney nutrition, attracting nutritionists, dietitians, and doctors from India and abroad. 

Dr Suneeti Khandekar also provides online kidney diet consultations to patients worldwide through this portal, right here. 

 Dr. Khandekar extends her reach through YouTube and podcast channels, where she shares vital knowledge and raises awareness about kidney health and nutrition.

 Her dedication to educating and empowering both patients and healthcare professionals has made her a respected figure in her field.

Books For The Patients Authored by Dr Suneeti Khandekar

Indian Diets in Kidney Diseases

English Version

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किडनी का स्वास्थ्य हिंदुस्तानी स्वाद के साथ

Hindi Version

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किडनीचे आजार आणि भारतीय आहार

Marathi Version

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Services Offered

Diet for Patients with Kidney Diseases

Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, Kidney Transplant Recipients, Nephrotic Syndrome

Therapeutic Diets

Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Lipid Abnormalities

What’s included

Pre-Recorded Content

Understand Basics of your specific health condition and general dietary changes that need to be done with that condition.

One-On-One Video Consultation

Meet Dr Suneeti through Online Video Session from anywhere in the world ! Get detailed hour long consultation tailored to you specific condition and dietary habits !

Powerful & Detailed Diet Plan

Receive the Best-In-Industry Dietary Plan completely tailor-made to suit your disease condition and include your "most desired food items" without hampering clinical nutrition goals.

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